My recent posts have been heavy and a little dark. However, I believe there is a strong power in self reflection and acknowledging your true emotions.

Sometimes there is an expectation to never feel sad or extreme emotions. Yet it’s part of the real human experience to survive life’s ups and downs.

Accepting yourself for who you are and how you’re feeling this moment is a gift. Denying your emotions and trying to stifle them will likely result in them bubbling over in the future.

So it’s okay to feel down, you’re not alone. My anxiety is something that has been following me for years now, I used to run away from it. I believe my coping mechanisms were partying, friends, travelling and generally escaping hard situations. Taking a year away from medicine to see the world was amazing, but it wasn’t a solution.

In the end no matter where you go, you will always return to yourself.


I recognise that my anxiety is a part of me that requires work. It’s not something that will magically disappear. It also won’t resolve from leaving stressful situations, as more often than not, my mind will focus on something else to worry about.

At the moment I don’t know what my future brings. I’m living in a lot of uncertainty, but in the meantime I will focus on my own self improvement.

Learning to not focus on the negative aspects of life and releasing my self limiting beliefs.

I believe that recognising your own shortcomings is key as awareness is the first step. Only then can you begin to work on improving yourself. For me, my mental health is relying on it.