Wow, today I had probably one of the best work days of my medical career. I was working in Fast Track – an area in the emergency department where you mainly see low acuity things. Lots of sore fingers, cuts and stubbed toes. I actually felt like I was capable of the things I was seeing, and I learnt a hell of a lot.

This is a great transition from days where you feel way out of your depth in terms of skill and knowledge. Or days where you are one doctor to 100 + patients.

Some of the cool things I got to do today included:

Photo by Felicia Buitenwerf on Unsplash

Even better news

I think one of the reasons my day was such a win is because I got an amazing email. I’ve been struggling physically and mentally at this job for a while now. In November 2020 I was having an especially difficult time. There were a few weeks there that I wasn’t sleeping or eating much. I looked terrible. Knowing I was on a verge of a breakdown, I emailed the medical support unit and asked for help. Stating what my problems were I pleaded for one week off, I had a lot of annual leave saved up anyway.

Unfortunately, I had my request for leave rejected. Instead I was given a hotline to a mental health service (I’ll probably write more on this later). For now – the good news!

After about 6 months of asking for a holiday I was finally approved today. A blessed kind soul offered to work an extra week to help give me 2 weeks off. What a lovely person. So in July this year I am going to be on a short holiday, and I cannot wait.

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Of course I know how privileged I am to be in my profession. So many people out there are trying to find work, especially in this global pandemic. I have a stable guaranteed job, with pay that is enough to cover rent and bills. The fact that I live in Australia is a whole other privilege in itself. We are blessed to have not been affected by COVID as badly as other countries.

When I have days like today, that are all positive I feel a bit confused. I really had nothing negative happen, which almost surprises me! It makes me think, maybe I can do this? Maybe I could work here? This Fast Track business really suits my style of work, could this be my future?

The main confusion is that I am pretty certain on not applying for any jobs in 2022. I was planning to work casually as a locum, and try to explore my other interests. I guess I could spend the spare time thinking about what I actually want to do.

So, there are positive days and negative ones. You can’t know happiness without sadness. Today I had a great day and that is all that matters.

Feature photo by Edu Lauton on Unsplash